Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc pairs beautifully with tart and tangy foods – in addition, it is a lovely varietal to pair with seafood (especially oysters!). Any of our Chardonnays will hold up to a dish with a rich sauce or fatty fish, such as salmon. Is your mouth watering yet? We’re not finished! If you prefer savory earth flavors, our light-bodied but deep-flavored Pinot Noir is the wine for you. Matanzas Creek Merlot sits in the middle of the red wine spectrum and couples well with both light and dark meats, making it one of the most versatile wines available for purchase. Try a Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec to pair with a juicy steak – the peppery, caramelized crust of a pan seared steak will amplify the texture and flavor profiles of each wine.

Now that you are a food and wine pairing expert – here are a few of our favorite recipes to pair with Matanzas Creek wines at home! Bon appétit!

Warm Mushroom Dip

Serve with Matanzas Creek Bennett Valley Pinot Noir

1.5lb mushrooms (such as hedgehog, maitake or chanterelle)

1 teaspoon kosher salt

3 tablespoons unsalted butter

1⁄2 cup minced shallots

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Matanzas Creek Lavender Spice Rub

This versatile spice rub uses Matanzas Creek Estate Grown Lavender to form a foundation of floral notes, in addition to other complimentary spices which will add familiar accents to any dish you use this rub on.  This rub works especially well on grilled meats and broiled fish.

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L’Ultime Dark Chocolate Mousse with Lavender Scented Mixed Berries

Serve with Matanzas Creek Alexander Valley Merlot

To match both the bright fruit and dark chocolate flavors in this complex dessert wine, bittersweet dark chocolate is lightened with a touch of whipped cream and served with fresh berries.  A hint of lavender in the berry syrup brings out the floral aroma in the Matanzas Creek L’Ultime Dessert Wine.

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Everything Bagel & Lox Crostini

2022 Matanzas Creek Rosé

Making your own home-cured salmon (also known as gravlax) is easier than you might think, and the flavor is sweeter and more delicate than store-bought smoked salmon. Riffing on bagels and cream cheese, we like to serve our cured salmon on thinly sliced bagel crostini with Délice de la Vallée, a spectacular Sonoma triple-cream cow and goat milk cheese. If you can’t find it, whip up equal parts of any good quality spreadable fresh goat cheese and cream cheese.

This recipe serves 12.

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