Lavender Market

Established in 1991, Matanzas Creek features 3 acres of spectacular lavender gardens. Today the gardens greet our visitors as they arrive at the estate. They are farmed to preserve the essence of the local ecosystem. Once the lavender reaches full bloom, it is hand-cut, and dried in our lavender barn. 

Our Lavender Market Gift Shop, in the tasting room, is open from 10am-4:30pm daily, no reservations required.  

To have lavender shipped you can reach us at or call 707-521-7026. 


Lavender Body Butter

Lavender Luxury Body Butter - 6oz

Naturally soothing French Lavender, Beeswax, Coconut oil, Botanicals and Vitamin E combine with Shea, Avocado and Cocoa butters to gently pamper the skin. Creamy and rich, this all-natural body butter is light and quickly absorbed to restore and soften skin. 

Matanzas Creek Lavender Essential Oil Roll-on

Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On

We searched the world over to find the best true lavender essential oil. This Lavandula Officinalis of France has a fresh and soothing scent and comes in a hand packaged roll-on bottle.

Matanzas Creek Lavender Spray Mist

Lavender Spray Mist & Spa Spritz with French Vanilla - 4oz

An invigorating, yet calming Lavender Spray that is great for linens, the body or simply as an air freshener. 

Lavender Bath, Body and Massage Oil

Lavender Massage Oil - 4oz

Our Lavender Massage Oil is ideal for deep massage or help relieve dry skin. Natural oils are balanced with olive-based emollients for a prolonged rub without a sticky feeling. May also be used in the bath for all over skin softening.



Matanzas Creek Lavender Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

Lavender Shower Gel - 6oz

This shower gel, with essential oil of lavender, gently cleans and softens the skin as the fragrance soothes the senses. Our gel is also wonderful as a voluminous bubble bath.



Matanzas Creek Lavender Soap

Men's & Women's Lavender Soap - 4.75oz

An all-natural soap, perfect for use in the kitchen or bathroom to cleanse and pamper your skin. The women's soap is scented with pure essential oil of lavender and is gentle enough for dry or sensitive skin, this ultra-soothing lavender naturally calms and nurtures delicate skin. While the men's soap is deeply fragrant with a hint of exotic vanilla and spices on top of the lavender essential oils to leave the skin soft and supple.

Men's After Shave - 6oz

Men's After Shave - 6oz

Our exclusive men’s line cleans and refreshes the senses. Woman also love this exclusive scent. All blended with essential oil of lavender and warm spicy notes.


Lavender Potpourri Gift Pack

Lavender Potpourri Gift Pack

The combination of bright flowers with our estate lavender buds will add both a visual and fragrant note to your home. Pinch the buds to enjoy this relaxing scent for months.


Lavender Sachets

Lavender Sachets

A single or two pack sachets are perfect for use in a linen or clothing drawer. The four pack sachets, also with our Estate Grown Lavender, may be used in drawers, cars or even in the dryer to scent clothes (50 loads per sachet). Elegantly hand-packaged.


Lavender Radiance Basket

Lavender Radiance Basket

Give the gift of tranquility with lavender products of your 4 or 5 items choosing.

Larger baskets available to add a bottle of wine or to as well. Contact us directly for pricing and options.


Lavender Wine Bottle Candle

Lavender Wine Bottle Candle

This hand-poured candle fills your home with a relaxing aroma, creating a warm and soothing ambiance.


Assorted Herbs and Spices

Assorted Herbs and Spices

Our exclusive lavender culinary program gives your kitchen exciting flavors and aromas that spice up your kitchen. A collection of herbs and spices consisting of our Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Lavender Spice Rub, and Culinary Lavender that perfectly pair with Matanzas Creek's Chardonnay, Merlot, and Pinot Noir. 

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt with Lavender: $13.00

Lavender Spice Rub: $13.00

Culinary Lavender:  $13.00