Experience Matanzas Creek

We look forward to hosting you at Matanzas Creek.

Access to the tasting room and lavender gardens are limited to reservation only.  Matanzas Creek offers reservations daily.    

The play of light across hillsides of shimmering vines. The thrill of a glass of cool Sauvignon Blanc in sun-baked lavender fields. The click of bocce balls on a hand-rolled court. The Zen tranquility of a perfect Merlot savored in the shade of ancient oaks.

At Matanzas Creek, we make wine, but what we really make is experience. Since 1977, that has been our quest: To capture and bottle the intensity of experience, the way our minds light up when we’re immersed in the world’s great sights and scents and tastes. Every glass of Matanzas Creek wine carries a touch of that intensity, but to enjoy the essence of Matanzas Creek, come visit our estate. We’d love to have you.