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Sauvignon Blanc & Oysters

“From Sancerre to Sonoma County, Sauvignon Blanc has always been the insider’s oyster wine.
That zesty combination of cascading acidity and bright citrus notes is all the sauce an oyster needs.”
- Rowan Jacobsen

Oysters and wine are one of the world's great pairs. For centuries, we've known that the recipe for a perfect evening begins with an ice-cold plate of salty, savory oysters and a bottle of bracingly crisp white wine.

But oysters, like wine, have tremendous range. Are you ordering cucumbery Pacific oysters from Washington State, melon-scented Kumamotos from California, or briny oysters from the East Coast? Each deserves the perfect partner.

No winery is more passionate about oysters than Matanzas Creek. You know that’s true if you’ve been to our Season of Wine and Lavender festival, where the country’s best bivalves are paired with our unique collection of estate-grown Sauvignon Blancs—which we can confidently say is one of the world’s great collections of oyster wines.

For that, we can thank winemaker Marcia Torres Forno. Marcia is crazy for oysters, and it shows in her style of winemaking, which emphasizes the vivacity of the fruit. She has spent years carefully tasting America’s best oysters, finding the perfect match for each of her wines, and her pairing seminars have become legendary. Here are some of Marcia’s favorite matches:

Kusshi Oysters

Knights Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Skookum, Totten, Steamboat, and Sea Cow

Bennett Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Fog channeled through the Petaluma Wind Gap keeps our Bennett Valley estate wine zesty enough to set off the full-bodied, watermelon-rind flavors of Puget Sound oysters such as Skookum, Totten, Steamboat, and Sea Cow.

Helena Bench Sauvignon Blanc

Helena Bench Sauvignon Blanc

Grown in volcanic soil at the foot of Mount St. Helena, Helena Bench’s lush mouthfeel and white-slate minerality shines after briny cold-water oysters like Kusshi, Fanny Bay, and Pemaquid.

Journey Sauvignon Blanc

Journey Sauvignon Blanc

The pinnacle of our winemaking expertise, Journey is made from prized vineyard blocks that undergo meticulous canopy management to maximize sunlight on the fruit and bring out extraordinary structure and power in the wine. Such a wine demands an equally powerful and structured oyster. We love briny Island Creeks and Wiannos, with a touch of pepper to bring the two together.

Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc

Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc

A perfect balance of all our Sauvignon Blanc vineyards, our Sonoma County bottling has the acidity, fruit, and minerality to match any oyster, from fruity Kumamotos to sweet Chesapeakes. This is your go-to bottle, guaranteed to dazzle.

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