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Matanzas Creek Estate Lavender Line

Matanzas Creek Estate Lavender Line

The heart of Matanzas Creek Winery's Estate Gardens, our Lavender fields is harvested each year at the peak of its color and fragrance for our handcrafted products.

Matanzas Creek Winery takes pride in using only the highest quality ingredients in all of our products. We search the world over to find the highest grade essential oils and botanicals to compliment our blooms. Our products are designed and hand packaged adjacent to the Estate Lavender Garden on the grounds of Matanzas Creek Winery.

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Lavender Lotion 12oz

This lotion is a light but luxurious moisturizer, providing excellent coverage and protection from dryness, with the scent of pure lavender essential oil.


Lavender/Chamomile Soothing Balm 2oz

This soothing balm is made with pure grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil, and our own exclusive blend of essential oils of lavender, rose, geranium and German blue chamomile. Healing and soothing to the skin, sore muscles and excellent for severely dry skin.


Lavender Luxury Body Butter

Enriched with macadamia nut oil, cocoa and avocado butters, this 50% shea luxury butter penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturize hands and body. Pure essential oil of lavender and tangerine are blended to create this extremely effective formula. This rich texture leaves the body soft and smooth with no oily traces. Great as a post bath moisturizer or for a full body massage.

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Lavender Lip Butter .05oz

This rich lip butter formulated with shea butter leaves lips deeply moisturized and provides lasting hydration and softness.


All Natural Lavender Soap

Our generously sized handmade soap is all natural and made with grapeseed oil and scented with pure essential oil of lavender. A premium quality soap that is hand packaged and tied.


Lavender Liquid Hand Soap

Perfect for use in the kitchen or bathroom, this liquid hand soap is scented with pure essential oil of lavender and is gentle enough for dry, sensitive or damaged skin.


Lavender Bath, Body and Massage Oil

Natural oils are balanced with olive-based emollients for a prolonged rub without a sticky feeling. May also be used in the bath for all over skin softening.


Lavender Essential Oil .3oz

We search the world over to find the best true lavender essential oil. This Lavandula Officinalis of France has a fresh and soothing scent and comes in a hand packaged roll-on bottle.


Lavender Shower Gel and Bubble Bath 6oz

This shower gel with essential oil of lavender gently cleans and softens the skin. Also wonderful as a voluminous bubble bath.


Lavender Spray Mist 4oz

Infused with relaxing essential oil of lavender, this mist has an aromatic scent to promote a peaceful and restorative atmosphere. This multipurpose item can be used on the face, body, room, and sheets or even your pet's bed.


Lavender/Rose Mineral Salts 16oz

Muscle relaxing mineral salt infused with pure essential oil of lavender and rose oil. Hand packaged with lavender and rose flowers and tied for gift giving.


Lavender Bath Salts 22oz

The detoxifying lavender bath salt is perfect for a relaxing soak in the tub! Packaged with a wooden scoop, it is very eye catching.


Lavender Salt Scrub 16oz

A combination of sea salt, shea butter, ground chamomile, scent of lavender essential oil, and a hint of musk will leave your skin feeling well hydrated and ultra smooth.


Lavender Clay Facial Mask

Pore cleansing clay facial mask with lavender flowers. Packaged in an attractive clear top tin.


Lavender Spa Spritz 4oz

This fresh uplifting scent is great for after spa or when headed out for a fun day with friends.


Men's Shower Gel 6oz

Shower gel for men with our exclusive fragrance blend of lavender with warm and spicy notes.


After Shave Lotion for Men 6oz

Our exclusive fragrance blend of lavender with warm spicy notes for men helps resist redness, razor burn and feelings of tightness for an after-shave comfort. Oil-free and alcohol-free emulsion.


All Natural Lavender Blend for Men Soap

Our exclusive men's fragrant blend, along with infused Matanzas Creek lavender flowers for natural exfoliation, cleans and refreshes the senses. Women also love this exclusive scent. This oversized soap is hand purred and packaged and lathers well enough for shaving.

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